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A Little Inspiration for the Day


Ever heard the term (acronym, really) WOOP?  Neither had I.  It’s a goal setting/ habit changing tool supported by 20-years of scientific research.  I learned about the technique from the free happiness class Yale offers online. What is WOOP? Gabrielle Oettingen, an NYC psychology professor, has written the book and done the research on WOOPing.  WOOP stands for Wish, [...]

Feeling on edge?

Have you been feeling on edge since mid-March?  Hmmm, I wonder why?  Perhaps you are human.  We’ve been dealing with a lot in the world lately between COVID, loss of work, black lives matter, and a general sense that we don’t know what the future holds or how to bring about changes we may desire.  And, we’ve been going through [...]

Get Motivated to Move

Fun Workout: Axe Throwing If you exercise more than 30-minutes a day, five days a week, you are meeting the government recommendation. Let’s acknowledge two points: that is not nearly enough movement to be healthy (though it’s a great start) and if you meet that you do deserve credit. You are in the minority. Only 24% of Connecticut [...]

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