Ouch!  Looking for some bunion pain relief?  A bunion is a deformation of the big toe joint.  If you’ve got one, you’ll notice a boney protrusion at the base of your big to and your big toe will point in squishing all your littler toes.  Genetics and footwear can lead to or worsen bunions, which are more common in women. 

Aside: If you develop a bunion at your pinkie toe, it’s called a bunionette, which sounds SOOO much cuter than a bunion. 

Finding Relief

Ditch the Heels Ladies (and men):

Nearly every pair of shoes you purchase (unless they are minimalist shoes) has a slight or drastic heel lift.  The higher the heel lift, the more pressure on that bunion.  So stick to shoes with a lower heel.  Often men’s shoes have a slight heal lift too. 


I have a bunion, and I find relief when I gently pull on my big toe trying to create a little space between the toe and foot.  It is subtle and small.  You can try and see if this helps for you, but if it hurts don’t do it.  All these tips should provide relief.


You can rub the foot yourself or use a tool like an unused padded paint roller or small ball.  Or maybe your bunion is the perfect excuse to go to a massage or try reflexology.  A little pampering for you and your bunion never hurt anyone.

Toe Separators

When my bunion aches toe separators usually give me relief.  You don’t keep them on very long. Five minutes may do the trick.  You can start small with separators you would use when painting your nails.  You can also purchase items designed to separate the toes.  They can be pliable or firm.  I like the ones that are more pliable, but that is probably personal preference.

Warm Soak

Soak your feet in warm water or warm water with Epsom salt.  Or get your whole body in the tub and take a load off your feet.

Maintain Movement

The body tends to ache more when we don’t move.  So wiggle your toes.  Spread your toes apart.  Try to make circles with your big toe.  Curl and straighten your toes.  Remember, find the moves that feel good and don’t cause any pain.  

Looking for more moves for your toes and feet?  Check out the Happy Feet Workshop at PEEP’s in Motion!  Your soles with thank you.

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