Travel (The Fun, The Adventures, The Mishaps)

Crazy Frozen Hair

I saw an image of frozen hair styled like a Dr. Seuss character. After following a trail of links I discovered the Crazy Frozen Hair Contest in Whitehorse, Canada. Obviously, I wanted to participate. Who wouldn’t?  But Whitehorse is fairly far from Connecticut so for seven years I convinced myself not to go because with layovers it was about 15 hours [...]

Conquering Fear in Mongolia

Golden Eagle in Mongolia A documentary called the Eagle Huntress inspired me to go to Mongolia. It’s a film about a young girl who wants to be the first eagle hunter in Mongolia in a world where that role is passed from father to son. It’s a beautiful movie. I highly recommend it. Opportunity in Mongolia Along [...]

Hiking Mt Adams

Five years ago I was hiking Mt. Adams in the White Mountains, but I turned back about 60 feet from the summit because high winds made me struggle to stay upright.  Those 60 feet mattered so I never checked it off the list in my attempt to climb all the 4,000-footers in New Hampshire. Second Attempt Hiking Mt Adams [...]

Travel Sites & Places to Visit

Movement is what enables us to do all the things we enjoy in life.  Eating is movement.  Breathing is movement.  Talking is movement.  For me, one of my favorite ways to move it to travel the globe.  Here is a sampling of some of the travel sites that still make me smile when they cross my mind: Favorite Trips: [...]

Travel Workout: Moving in Small Spaces

Plank in Bryce Canyon Traveling is one of my favorite ways to spend time.  But with the adventure of seeing the world comes a lot of small, confining spaces that force you into a seated position for hours on end.  When you need to fly, drive, hop on a train, or find yourselves in a dirigible, how [...]

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