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At Personal Euphoria in Connecticut, we strive to empower you.

Now Offering Online Classes!

We hope to keep you moving during COVID-19 quarantines.  Since we can’t have classes in person, we have started live streaming classes.  They are open to anyone.  You do not have to be enrolled in one of our town classes to access these streaming classes.  To gain access to our classes you will need to register on the Personal Euphoria site.  Click here to register for free.  From there you can see a list of all the classes we have available streaming (some free, some $8).

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Pilates Classes in CT

Personal Euphoria strives to empower you. Our first goal is to get you excited about moving in a way that feels comfortable and safe. We want you to have so much fun at our classes that you don’t notice you’re “working out.” We love to move; we want you to love moving too. We offer Pilates classes, including private Pilates on Pilates equipment and Reformer.

Our group classes through local Parks & Recreation Departments and Corporations include Mat Pilates, Interval Training, Strength Training, Barre Classes and more. We offer a variety to give your body options. Want to see another class? Just ask.

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Workshops for Wellness

We want you to feel better and relaxed in your body. That’s why we created Workshops for Wellness—a series of workshops that help reduce pain in the body while teaching you how to prevent pain. Personal Euphoria offers workshops for feet, low back and hips, as well as neck and shoulders. Our Golf Workshop or Workshop for Runners can help you improve your favorite pastime while helping to keep your body immune from the strains of the sport. And since what we eat is just as important as how we move, we offer nutrition workshops, too. Count on Personal Euphoria to provide wellness routines that support a healthy you both inside and out.

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What is Pilates?

THE PILATES METHOD was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Joseph was born in Germany and believed that poor posture and improper breathing techniques were the cause of many illnesses, from chronic back pain to asthma.

Therefore, he created the Pilates Method which focused on strengthening the core muscles of the body (the stomach, back, and butt) in order to support the spine. By increasing flexibility of the body’s extremities (the arms and legs), the Pilates method creates long, loose, limber limbs. The best analogy of the Pilates Method is to imagine the body is a tree. Both require a strong supportive trunk with limbs that can be tossed around by the wind and remain strong, flexible, balanced, and stable. The focused breath pattern enables practitioners to enhance all their exercises and develop better breathing skills.

Joseph originally developed the method for WWI soldiers (and called it Contrology) but continued to alter the exercises to help increase the strength and flexibility of boxers and NYC dancers.

His work with the soldiers makes Pilates a potentially great exercise option for anyone recuperating from a physical injury. However, doctors should always play a role in an individual’s decision to begin a new exercise regime.