Corporate Fitness Classes


  • Exercise is proven to create a positive staff with heightened energy and greater output.
  • Personal Euphoria fitness programs can be adjusted for all ages, fitness abilities, and sexes.
  • Our fitness classes strive to create an ergonomic body even if the workplace isn’t completely ergonomic.
  • Classes will awaken and enliven employees.
  • It’s easier than going to a gym.
  • Corporate wellness programs serve as a great team building exercise.
  • Class Size: Up to 15 Employees
  • Class Length: 25-45 Minutes
  • Class Time: Anytime, Lunchtime and Closing Work Best
  • Class Location: Your office just needs an open space, size is dictated by class enrollment
  • Class Limitations: Employees with physical health ailments will be required to provide a physician’s release note
  • Class Equipment: Company needs to provide Pilates Mats for staff
  • Class Costs: $75 plus tax (prices may be adjusted for travel)
  • Class participants can access our motivational blog and youtube workshop videos to help inspire them to fitness all week long.