Personal Euphoria Workshops

Personal Euphoria offers a variety of health, fitness and nutrition workshops that can be geared toward your town, place of business or lecture series. Are you another pilates or yoga studio that would like to offer one of these workshops to your clients or staff? We can help.

30-Day Challenge

Looking for some Motivation to Move? Join PEEPs In Motion (that’s Personal Euphoria and Evolution Pilates united) for our first 30 Day Movement Challenge. Over the month of January we will take you through 30 days of Mindful Movement, exploring different types of movement and challenging you to think about how your body moves differently.

What you’ll get with the challenge:

  • Daily Move with videos/emails
  • Challenge Guide with exploratory questions to get you thinking about movement differently
  • 8 20 minute workouts on Pilates, Strength, Stretch, and Fascia (say what?)
  • Private Facebook Group for camaraderie, feedback and advice!

Better Balance

Explore ways to improve your balance and stability.  We’ll review what types of movement help improve balance and which parts of the body impact your balance.  This fun, experiential workshop combines balance challenges and strengthening exercises that have shown to improve balance. You’ll have the tools to feel more confident in your balance whether you choose to perform the exercises individually or use the balance workout routine. You’ll gain access to a balance workout video you can do again and again. All levels welcome.

Happy Feet

Twenty-six bones, 8,000 steps a day, and absorbing 1-million pounds of pressure in an hour long walk. Do you know what we are talking about yet? Your feet–what they are made up of and what they do for us each day. We don’t pay much attention to our feet, but since the happier our feet are the stronger, more efficient and functional our body is perhaps we should give them a little more consideration…Have knee, hip or back pain? One place you might want to look is at your feet. This workshop will get you in better touch with your sole. We’ll learn about the foot, some chronic issues with the feet, and exercises to help your feet empower your whole body. We’ll work on arch strength; toe, foot, and ankle mobility and flexibility; bunion and hammertoe care; plantar fasciitis release; and balance…Want to get the spring back in your step? Come learn how. Plus you’ll go home with written materials, a small ball and a half foam roller.


We live in a stress-filled world, and our bodies exhibit tension often with pain, strain and stiffness. We’re told we need to meditate more, but what if meditation doesn’t work for you? Is there something else you can do to help unwind the body and feel better? It seems simple, but breathing can help. And there is more to breathing than just taking deep breaths. This workshop teaches you about breathing while doing exercises to help release, stretch and revitalize the body. Using a small stability ball we help massage the muscles and connective tissue. It promotes body and breath awareness, so if you are someone who finds it hard to sit still and clear the mind, you can still get benefits of meditation by focusing on the body, moving, getting a gentle workout all while basically giving your body a massage.


We live in a world of stress, tense shoulders and stiff necks. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, while back problems are more prevalent, people miss more work over shoulder injuries. And it makes sense; the shoulder is a complex, unstable joint. That is just part of the reason so many of us experience pain in our neck and shoulders. Who hasn’t heard of a frozen shoulder, whip lash, rotator cuff injuries, or bursitis? The list goes on and on. But there are ways to help reduce pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Once you have a better understanding of how the joint works, you can be empowered to help yourself. Start now. Are your shoulders tense? Relax them. Then call to reserve your spot in the Neck & Shoulders workshop. You’ll go home with an exercise packet and additional props to help you practice at home.


Our pelvis supports eighty bones in our upper body and helps transfer the weight of our upper body to our legs. The pelvis and back are completely intertwined. You can’t move one without the other, so if your pelvis is tilted or crooked, your back is too. It’s a heavy burden to bear for the hip joint and the lumbar vertebrae. The second most common joint replacement surgery is a hip replacement (trailing behind knee surgery). This workshop provides exercises, myofascial release and massage techniques you can do yourself to help keep your hips going strong so you can walk, run, golf, sit and generally be more comfortable in your own body. A great workshop for everyone, especially individuals who sit at work, have chronic low back pain, arthritis in the back or hips and anyone who wants to stay active.



Without even thinking about it, you take 12 to 20 breaths per minute.  Think about your breath and you can use it to relax or energize you.  Breathing is an important tool that fuels every system in your body.  Breathing not only oxygenates your blood it helps improve posture, enhances sleep, works your core muscles, and can be a form of meditation.  In this workshop we’ll go over a number of breathing exercises, breathing patterns,  and learn to sync breath patterns to gentle movements to help you feel stretched and revitalized.

What you’ll need: comfortable clothes, a pillow, a mat (or soft surface you feel comfortable lying down on).  If you have a small (7-9-inch stability ball) bring that.  If not we will work around it.

RUNNER’S WORKSHOP: Pick Up the Pace with Pilates

Does your love of running tend to leave you achy and sore? After pounding the pavement or track, there is nothing better than stretching and working out tired and tight muscles. Combine this with working on the core, and you have the perfect workout to compliment any runner’s current routine. This workshop provides a Pilates workout geared toward specific body parts running takes a toll on including the hips, knees, and feet to help stabilize the pelvis, improve posture and alignment, and help correct imbalances in the body that can hinder running. Bring a mat, water bottle and comfy clothes.


A Postural Analysis is a short examination of the body that informs you and your instructor of your muscles’ strengths and weaknesses. Having a P.A. can help find alignment and tracking issues. The process helps both instructor and client determine what exercises are best for your body type. Following the session, you will receive a personalized worksheet to help you as you continue your training. A P.A. will get you thinking about how you hold and use your body and posture in daily life. A Pilates class can then begin to help combat the toll daily life takes on your body.


Does your golf game need a boost? Pilates for Golfers may be just what you need! Designed to strengthen key muscles in the core and back, Pilates for Golfers will also work to stretch out the tight muscles developed from a day at the golf course. From hamstrings, abs, back and arms, these muscles will be lengthened and strengthened all while getting a workout. This workshop will also help balance the body and help discover the body’s strong and weak sides. Golf posture or swings will not be analyzed but the muscles needed to perform these movements will. Make sure to wear workout clothes and bring a mat, water, and a golf club.


Do you believe you don’t have time to exercise?  Do you cringe at the word exercise? Learn how change your beliefs about yourself and your relationship to exercise.  Alter patterns (and habits) using simple but effective techniques to help with motivation. This course will teach you the basics of an exercise program (i.e., cardio, strength, flexibility)  It will provide easy to use “workouts” in this small group class that you can do anywhere!  Improve your self-confidence, self-esteem, build muscle,  and start improving your health!


For those interested in honing their Pilates skills.  We know some of you love Pilates and have been taking classes for years.  Do you want to get even more out of class or are you curious about your form on certain exercises?  Sign up for a 25-minute, small group, hands-on workshop to go over specific exercises and some of the more challenging Pilates principles so that you can get even more out of your regular class.  Note: you must be currently enrolled in one of the PE Pilates classes.  Please bring a mat and any props you normally bring to class.


Need a review or want to better understand the underlying principles of Pilates? This 60-minute workshop will help participants understand the five basic principles of Pilates–neck support, shoulder stabilization, pelvic positioning, rib cage placement, and the basic breathing pattern. These concepts are important for any newcomer to Pilates and can serve as a beneficial review to long-time Pilates practitioners.


We have two DVDs for sale: Pilates Variety: Pilates Ball & Mixed Pilates; and Ten Workouts: Part I and Part II. DVDs are $21.20 (includes tax). Both DVDs are geared towards beginners, however, the Pilates Variety DVD offers more of a challenge for the more experienced Pilates student. Each comes with 2 DVDs that totals 5 hours of Pilates for you to do at home! For more information or to purchase a DVD, please contact Maggie at