Fun Workout: Axe Throwing

If you exercise more than 30-minutes a day, five days a week, you are meeting the government recommendation. Let’s acknowledge two points: that is not nearly enough movement to be healthy (though it’s a great start) and if you meet that you do deserve credit. You are in the minority. Only 24% of Connecticut residents meet the standard (and we are one of the better states). So how do we get motivated to move?

Not Motivated

Reading between the lines it becomes very clear that most adults are not motivated to exercise. Why is that? And how can we motivate ourselves and our loved ones to get up and get moving?

The simple answer is: Movement has to be FUN! We need to be excited to move. We call it a WORKout. That’s not an enticing activity. It doesn’t bring the connotation of Happy Hour, playtime from when we were kids, or snack time. We need to reconsider what we think a workout entails and figure out what would make it fun.

It’s not surprising people who do workout often go with a friend (which means some social time), enjoy their instructor, or like the way the moves make them feel in the moment or after. Having a good time during or knowing you will feel better afterward are big motivators to get people up and exercising.

New Terminology

How can we make that happen more often for more people? Let’s try to reconsider what exercise is. A better name than WORKout would be a good start. Recently I asked my friends on Facebook how we could rebrand the word WORKout. Some of my favorite suggestions included: Duff Reduction, Ambulation Time, Funout, Body Love & Muscle Love (which I worry might be taken the wrong way), Conditioning Routine, Sweat Party, Recess, and just plain MOVEMENT. Do any of those appeal to you? Would you like to wake up a little earlier for a Funout or make time for Ambulation after work? Perhaps words that cue what we can gain from exercise could help: energize, vitality, health. It’s time for my Energizing Session. I’m off to my Vitality Boost.

Lots of Options

All movement and physical activity is beneficial, which means traditional exercise can become much more broad. Most recently the Personal Euphoria team went axe throwing.  We laughed, got an upper body workout, and no one died.  It was a blast.  What type of movement could you commit to for 30-minutes a day 5 days a week? You can break it up in any fashion you want. But what types of movement, not necessarily exercise, do you relish?

As the New Year approaches, consider thinking differently about exercise. What would truly motivate you to commit to moving more often?

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