I totally forgot to mention that in December Matt and I went to San Antonio, Texas where we discovered the BEST game ever.  It’s a laser game where your job is to get through a room of lasers—from one side to the other—without ever touching any lasers.  You feel like you’re in Mission Impossible, partly because they are playing music from the movie.

You lose points if you hit a laser.  Once you are through the room you can pick a more challenging level or try to beat your own time. 

We were lucky to be the only people there so we could just keep playing the game over and over.  Matt would go, I would, etc. for an hour and a half. 

It was a reminder that games can be exercise and exercise can be fun.  I like to exercise so I don’t always need that reminder.  Still, I didn’t realize I was getting a workout until I noticed I was sweating.  And the following day when I was sore all over, particularly in my shoulders, it struck me again.  It was a great workout and I was oblivious at the time.

t was also good at teaching me to be more self aware.  Ponytails set off the lasers, so I had to aware of where my hair was.  And while I am aware I have a bit of a derrière, I apparently wasn’t fully aware just how large it is.  My butt was my downfall almost every time until I learned to accommodate it.

Note: I couldn’t find a link for the laser game, but it shared a building with this mirror maze, which was cooler than I expected.  It’s basically right across from the Alamo.