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How Egypt Opened the World for Travel

A friend asked me recently how I decide where to go on vacation?  From the beginning, I'd always enjoyed social studies and history class in school, but my freshmen year of high school when I took Western Civilizations with Dr. Dan Kelly, I fell in love with history.  I knew then that I wanted to teach history at the college [...]

Just Get Started

I went to Waterford High School, where I think I was lucky to have a number of really good teachers.  One of my favorites was my junior year English teacher, Gail Dimaggio.  She set up classes like Socratic seminars and asked us to think about what we were reading.  It’s hard to teach someone to think, but that typically seemed [...]

Plank Story: The Critters at My Door

Matt was traveling for work.  I was home alone after dark sitting in the living room when I heard a noise.  A noise I can’t quite describe, but it is the sound of horror films—a metallic scratching and thudding.  My heart jumped to my throat because I knew I was going to die.  This was definitely the sound from [...]

Busy Bee No More

We hate getting a busy signal.  We talk about someone being a busy bee, and we often claim we are too busy.  Keeping up with the Joneses no longer feels like striving for the McMansion with a white picket fence, two kids, and a dog.  Whatever your family or housing situation, lately, I feel like keeping up is about [...]

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