Better Balance Exercises

What a piece of work is Maggie. Can you see where I’m unbalanced?

Research shows that balance training improves balance and strength. It is definitely worth incorporating balance exercises into your regular workout routine.

Better Balance Study:

A study tested a specific routine and found participants had improved balance and strength when performing a 50-minutes workout that included a warm-up, 13 exercises stations (each repeated twice for 1 minute), and a cool down. The study did not fully explain each exercise, but I tried to piece it together as best I could.

I suspect there are a lot of moves you could do to improve balance, but what I like about this particular study is the variety it included. It challenged people to walk in different ways, balance on one foot, and balance on one foot while moving the rest of your body. Additionally, they incorporated some eye exercises. That was interesting because vision plays a big role in balance, but I also don’t think we often think of exercising our eyeballs. It feels pretty good.

If you’d like to try it I put together my best attempt at what I think their workout might […]

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Better Balance Tips

Balancing with Jimmy & Taylor on NBC CT Live

We have so many exercise options for improving balance. The key is to come up with exercises you will commit to because it takes time to see improvement in balance. You need to devote 30-50 min workouts 2-3 times per week for 12 weeks, 8 weeks for athletes. But do that and research shows you will develop better balance. Balance training is worthwhile. When you workout for balance you additionally gain strength and reduce the chance of injury.

Below are some exercise suggestions, but, ultimately, you want to make balance training a game and make it playful. Balance with a friend. Balance outside. Figure out what will make you commit to balance training for 12 weeks.

Tips for Better Balance:

To help you remember these balance tips, consider the acronym BASIC—there is a little cheat in this one (you’ll SEE what I mean).

  • Spend time BAREFOOT

This option isn’t for everyone right away. If you have a foot injury or being barefoot hurts your feet, you will need to build up over time. But if you are okay being barefoot, walk around in safe spaces. Or […]

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Better Balance

So many beautiful places to practice balance!

We have been focusing on better balance this month at Personal Euphoria.  Balance is affected by our nervous system, our strength and flexibility, and our vision.  It’s easy to get frustrated when you feel like you can’t balance, but try to think of it more as a game.  Be a little playful as you experiment with balance.  Shoes on generally makes all balance exploration easier.  Shoes off will add more challenge to the foot and lower leg. 

Here are some ways to explore balance:

1)      Try balancing on one leg.  Which leg feels easier to balance on?  Can you balance for 60 seconds on each leg?

2)      Working the outer thighs is helpful for increasing balance, so try some of these exercises:

3)      This is […]

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