So many beautiful places to practice balance!

We have been focusing on better balance this month at Personal Euphoria.  Balance is affected by our nervous system, our strength and flexibility, and our vision.  It’s easy to get frustrated when you feel like you can’t balance, but try to think of it more as a game.  Be a little playful as you experiment with balance.  Shoes on generally makes all balance exploration easier.  Shoes off will add more challenge to the foot and lower leg. 

Here are some ways to explore balance:

1)      Try balancing on one leg.  Which leg feels easier to balance on?  Can you balance for 60 seconds on each leg?

2)      Working the outer thighs is helpful for increasing balance, so try some of these exercises:

3)      This is a slightly longer balance series that works the whole leg—outer thigh and lower leg especially:


5)      Try standing, but roll up on the balls of your feet.  See what it feels like to balance on different surfaces like a carpet, wood floor or tile.  What feels easier for you?

We’d love to hear how your balance practice is going?  Do you do handstands or practice yoga?  Do you have a favorite exercise that challenges your balance?

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