Just a Spoonful of Sugar

SugarAs I write this, I’m snacking on some popcorn, which I can gladly say has zero grams of sugar.  Since I did the ten day detox (no grains, sugar or dairy) last month, I’ve been very mindful of how much sugar I eat.  Note: I still eat it.  I’m just trying to be aware.

I’ve always known that there is added sugar in everything, but I’d never stopped to really think about where or how much I should or shouldn’t consume in a day.  In prepping for the detox, I read that Prego Sauce has the same amount of sugar as two Oreo cookies.   Based on both their websites today, Prego actually has a bit more than two Oreos (a serving of Prego: 10-grams of sugar, a serving of Oreos (which is three cookies) 14-grams of sugar).  Just two cookies and you’re actually getting a little less sugar than if you have the sauce.  This surprised me, and I was annoyed.  I don’t even eat Prego, but the idea that all sorts of food are adding unnecessary sugar annoyed me.  I make a delicious spaghetti sauce without any sugar.  I don’t want […]

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Detox Debrief

So, you may recall that right before Christmas, I did a Detox that basically eliminated grains, dairy and sugar (except in fruit).  Here are the highlights of how that turned out:

I could not have done it alone.  Having some people on board made a big difference, especially in the beginning.  It was good to have people to keep me on task or to talk to when I wanted chocolate cupcakes.

Though the book I’d read swore I wouldn’t be hungry, and I think I was eating a lot, I was starving the entire time.  I’d wake up hungry in the night.  I’ve never felt such a bottomless, constant pit of hunger.  If I ever get on Survivor I will do this detox before to help prepare myself.

In ten days, I lost six pounds.  Since then, I’ve put three back on.  That much weight that quickly is never healthy.

On day seven for the first time in my life I actually did stop craving sugar and carbs.  I’ve heard people talk about cravings stopping, but I’ve never actually experienced that myself.  I usually give up sugar in the form of dessert in February, never all types of sugar.  I’ve never stopped craving it […]

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