So, you may recall that right before Christmas, I did a Detox that basically eliminated grains, dairy and sugar (except in fruit).  Here are the highlights of how that turned out:

I could not have done it alone.  Having some people on board made a big difference, especially in the beginning.  It was good to have people to keep me on task or to talk to when I wanted chocolate cupcakes.

Though the book I’d read swore I wouldn’t be hungry, and I think I was eating a lot, I was starving the entire time.  I’d wake up hungry in the night.  I’ve never felt such a bottomless, constant pit of hunger.  If I ever get on Survivor I will do this detox before to help prepare myself.

In ten days, I lost six pounds.  Since then, I’ve put three back on.  That much weight that quickly is never healthy.

On day seven for the first time in my life I actually did stop craving sugar and carbs.  I’ve heard people talk about cravings stopping, but I’ve never actually experienced that myself.  I usually give up sugar in the form of dessert in February, never all types of sugar.  I’ve never stopped craving it the whole month.  That taught me a lot about myself.  I think I’m so used to thinking about food that I don’t actually realize how often I think about food.  By the end of the detox, I still wanted sugar and carbs, but I didn’t crave them, and that is a difference.

Vegetables became desirable.  I like my veggies, but I’d never say I craved them.  I finished the detox about a month ago and I still want vegetables and feel like I’m missing something if I haven’t eaten them.  On the detox I had a vegetable at nearly every meal.  Spaghetti squash hash browns for breakfast helped me keep going.

While I did feel lighter and that was nice, I had dreams of all my rashes (I have super sensitive skin) going away and they all seemed to get worse.  That can be cyclical so I can’t blame the detox, but I really wanted them to go away for good.  I didn’t sleep any better—a major let down.  I think I felt better than I realized because when I reincorporated everything again my stomach felt bloated and upset after nearly every meal.  So something I’d cut that I’m now back to eating clearly doesn’t mix well with my gut flora and fauna.

Overall, I’m glad I did it and I hope to do a modified version soon, maybe for a bit longer.  Any takers?