The Manchester Road Race

I ran the Manchester Road Race for the first time.  I’d planned to dress up as a turkey, which seemed fitting, but when I got there I soon realized that what my costume provided in warmth, it lacked in creativity.  My favorite costume was a group of guys who dressed up as different Robin Williams characters—Aladdin, Mork, Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams. There were considerably better turkeys too.

The Easter Bunny & a Turkey run the Manchester Road Race The Easter Bunny & a Turkey run the Manchester Road Race

Matt, my beau, went as the Easter Bunny.  The crowds loved him.  People stopped him for a photo-op, a high-five and even a shot.  If I ever lost him, it wasn’t long before I’d hear from the crowd a roar of excited children and adults explode with, “The EASTER BUNNY!”  I only had one crowd member react to my tailored turkey.  I was right behind Matt when a little girl excitedly let out the reaction of the day, “The Easter Bunny, “ she proclaimed eyes wide and full or wonder, “And a turkey.”  It wasn’t said with disgust as much as utter disappointment […]

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