Ornament history

The tree on the corner of Church and Main in Old Wethersfield.

I love Christmas time.  My family is fun to spend time with.  Tradition is comforting.  Getting gifts for family, though a bit overwhelming, is mostly fun.  My favorite part of the season is taking moments to just stop and observe.  I love to sit in my living room with a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate or hot tea with chocolate and stare at the tree.  I love to turn off all the lights and stare at anyone’s tree.  Which sounds a little creepy, but normally only people who know me let me in their house to stare.  Seeing all the houses aglow and the lights in yards and along streets makes the cold days better. I wish people left their lights on until mid-March.  This from a girl who doesn’t put any Christmas lights up, but once someone has, they really should let them linger longer.

The Ornament:

This year as we decorated our tree, a tradition I love, I thought about how ornaments began.  The Christmas tree came from Germany, and not surprisingly so did the ornament.  If […]

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Lyme Disease in Connecticut

Getting preachy about how to treat disease isn’t my thing, so I’m just going to share my story.  When it comes to what is happening in your body, you need to make the best decision for yourself.  It can be hard in a world with so much information and so few answers.  Everyone has their own opinion.  I’m one of the many cases of Lyme Disease in Connecticut this year already, and I think it easily could have gone undiagnosed.  That concerns me for others who may have Lyme disease, too.

I work with a naturopath and a medical doctor.  Years ago I thought naturopaths were a little whacky.  I went to one out of desperation because I was really sick and no one could figure out what was wrong with me.  My naturopath figured out I was hypothyroid and had Hashimotos.  These are not that hard to diagnose. My PCP at the time denied it (she’s no longer my PCP).  An endocrinologist confirmed the situation and wanted to put me on levothyroxine.  I was hesitant to take medication and read going gluten-free could help.  I went gluten-free and my Hashimoto’s antibodies dropped (a good thing) and my thyroid numbers went […]

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Tree Swallow Cruise–Connecticut

The tree swallows in the sky along the CT River. The tree swallows in the sky along the CT River.

Some friends and I went on a Tree Swallow Cruise with RiverQuest down the Connecticut River last week and if you can arrange it you have to go. It’s really reasonable ($40 per person) for the time (3-3.5 hours) and what you get to see (half a million to a million tree swallows flying around at dusk).

It was incredible, and if you live in Connecticut it is right here for us. So often when I want to see something naturally cool I feel like you have to travel to see it—Mexico for the butterflies, New Zealand for the glowworms, etc. But this is right here.

You bring your own drinks and snacks and board the boat by the Goodspeed Opera House. It takes about an hour to travel downriver to Old Saybrook while Mindy and Mark, your hosts, point out all different birds and information about the river along the way. Shortly before sunset the birds start to trickle in—a few at a time, then a few more, than hundreds, then they […]

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The Float

I’ve wanted to try a submersion tank for years, but I only just discovered there are some in Connecticut. A few weeks ago Matt and I were given a gift certificate to try Surrender to the Float in Guilford. I didn’t really know what to expect, but basically you strip (don’t worry you have your own private room), shower and then get into an oversized tub with four walls from the floor to the ceiling. Once in, you close the tank door and turn off the gentle lighting if you want.

You are suspended in very salty water set at body temperature in pitch black, and they suggest it feels like floating in space. You get an hour in the tank. It is meant to be relaxing and meditative. It was. I fell asleep. They claim you can’t drown in the salt, and I didn’t so anecdotally I support their theory.

Floating was definitely an interesting experience, but having been to the Dead Sea earlier this year, I was kind of disappointed. I’m a sinker. It’s hard for me to float, and when I sauntered into the Dead Sea I felt like a wine cork in water, more buoyant that I could […]

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AAUW Never Fails to Impress

Ann and I went to France in November to celebrate her 75th birthday. Ann and I went to France in November to celebrate her 75th birthday.

I have a good family friend, she’s more of an Aunt, who always invites me to attend the programs her branch of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) put on.  The food is always great thanks to the Norwich Inn and Spa. They accommodate my gluten-free needs.  And the presenter, lecturer or performer they have at these gatherings is always superb.

The event is always outstanding.  So it’s odd that last week, I presumed the program was going to be lame.  I don’t know why, because it was a one woman musical theater performance about female historical figures.  I love theater. I was a history major.  This should have been right up my alley, but I went to this one for the sole purpose of spending time with my Grandma and my Aunt Ann.  I just thought the performance sounded like it was for kids.

I shouldn’t have questioned it because I’m in part raising honey bees because of a Connecticut based author and beekeeper they […]

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