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Pelvic Floor…what is it good for

Notice the little arch in my low back. This doesn't have to be a big move. I often get asked about the pelvic floor muscles. It’s not an area that everyone is comfortable talking about, but it is quite important to our health and wellness. We all—men and women—have pelvic floor muscles. I’ve found that not all men [...]

What motivates you?

What is it that motivates you to move? The answer to that question is important to answer if you want to keep moving and stick to any New Year’s Resolutions you may have set to improve your health and wellness. What motivates you?  Keep reading to find out. What Motivates You Research claims that health and weight loss are [...]

Mindful Eating Challenge

Playing with my food. After tracking the workouts of millions of people, a fitness app tracker claims most of us will fail at our New Year’s Resolutions on Jan 17th. That means we are mere days away from needing to think about a reboot. If you’ve already derailed from your workout routines or healthy eating goals, it’s not [...]

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