New Year: New Balance

Did you create a New Year’s resolution this year?  For the first time in my life my New Year’s resolution seems simple: find balance in life.  I hope that means I don’t have to meditate.

Matt and I take a walk each year around this time to talk about the previous year and to discuss our goals and ambitions for the coming year.  This was perhaps the first time in my life I didn’t have a mile-long list of all the things I’d hoped to do.  Instead I just wanted to balance everything I do in life better.  I’ve learned in 2012 that life is about constant adjustments.  Sometimes they are unexpected and you need to make your life work around new or different challenges.

The hard part is that I don’t even know if I believe in balance.  Sometimes I think it’s a mirage that self help books have us always attempting to search for until we lose balance in the search—left feeling like we can’t keep the weights […]

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