So earlier this year I signed up to do a small triathlon (swim a half mile, bike about 12 miles, run a 5k).  A triathlon isn’t exactly on my bucket list. I more just want to be able to say I’ve done one.  And I thought it would keep me honest.  Having something to train for would force me to train after a reasonably lazy winter.

Except it didn’t work out that way.  The triathlon is Aug 4th and around July 4th I realized that I probably needed to start training.  I’d been running because I run anyway.  But I hadn’t gone biking once.  And while I try to get in the pool each week, I didn’t even know how far a half a mile was.

So I got on the horn.  I called the gym and I asked them how many laps equals a half a mile.  Twenty-two laps (there and back) is the answer.  I hung up the phone and didn’t go to the gym.  Apparently the first step in training for a triathlon in my rule book doesn’t involve training, it just involves gathering information.  At least I was informed. 

Check out tomorrow’s blog to see how my first 22-miles in the pool went.