Finishing the Hartford Marathon

Thirteen years ago I ran the Hartford Marathon without training.  It was a terrible idea and I wasn’t in the shape required to run 26.2 miles.  The strangers on the sidelines inspired me to keep going.  They had come to see a friend or family member running, but they’d cheer me on by mentioning something specific about me as I ran by them.

You Are An Inspiration

I often remember the crowds that day who came out in the pouring rain and made such a difference in my ability to reach a goal.  Do you realize how often you motivate people?  Sometimes we take for granted or don’t always recognize the ways in which we inspire others.  But we inspire people all the time in ways they remember that aren’t a blip on our radar.

From mile 14 on, I pretty much considered quitting every five minutes.  Then a stranger would say something that boosted my spirits.  None of them remember me.  They saw thousands of runners sprint passed.  They stood in the rain for hours to support a bunch of crazy runners and it was their words of encouragement that kept me going.

The Hartford Marathon

Pouring at the Hartford Marathon

This Saturday is the Hartford Marathon.  While you may never have an interest in running a marathon, the event is inspirational.  If you have a chance show up to cheer people on, you will likely find encouragement in the varied ages, sizes, and physical abilities who participate.  And you will definitely inspire someone to keep running.

You Can Do It!

We tend to be more capable than we realize.  It wasn’t the best idea to run a marathon without training, but I did it.  If you have a goal, you’d like to achieve tell a friend and bring them along with you on the journey.  Find ways to keep yourself inspired along the way.  And use that drive to inspire others.  Because you can.

While I recommend participating in the marathon as the cheering squad, if that is not your arena or interest, do look for the way you can inspire someone else to move more.  Find a fun movement you would enjoy. What can you do today to get more active and encourage someone else to move?  What type of movement would make you smile?  We all need more movement in our life for our physical and mental health.  And we all have the ability to inspire.  So grab a friend, get moving, and change the world or someone else’s perspective a little bit right now.

It doesn’t have to be a marathon.  Anything you achieve that you couldn’t do before will motivate you and inspire someone.


Interested in Running?

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Interested in Finding Your Motivation to Move?

Maggie presents at conferences and provides Corporate Lunch & Learns on various topics including Finding Your Motivation to Move.  Reach out to find out more information.

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