It is our annual Mindful Eating Challenge.  We do this in February for two reasons.  Honestly, the shortest month of the year is appealing if you are going to do a food challenge.  But also, many of us tend to set healthy goals in January.  Many of us have lost track of those goals by February.  This is a second reset—a reminder.

I know one of my goals for January was to stop distracted eating—not scrolling through social media, watching TV, or working through meals.  It lasted one and a half weeks.

No Pressure

This month is not about pressure.  You may or may not do your goal perfectly.  The point is to pick something you’d like to change/think about/learn about the food you consume and how it fuels you and makes you feel.

In the past, I always gave up sugar for the month of February.  Almost no one wanted to do that with me.  So a couple years ago at the advise of Stephanie Tishler from Tishler Coaching Services we changed this to the Mindful Eating Challenge.  It’s now much more popular.

Some Suggestions

You can pick anything you want to focus on.  Here are just some ideas:

  • Smaller Portion Sizes
  • Cut out Sugar (come on you know you want to)
  • Read a book about food for edification and inspiration
  • Try a fad (for lack of a better work) diet like Keto, Paleo, or something that appeals to you
  • Attempt to get a vegetable at every meal
  • Shoot for more variety in your food
  • Notice if you breathe when you eat
  • Eat slower and chew more

I’m continuing with the Low FODMAPs diet (emphasis on LOW not NO) that I started at the beginning of the year.  More on that next week.

If you have another idea or want to participate, feel free to join our Facebook group, gather some friends you think will support you and join in the adventure, or try it solo if that works best for you.  Try to shake of the feeling of not succeeding at your goal that makes you not want to commit to begin with.  When you try, you’ll learn something no matter what the results.

Who is in!?!?

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