Years ago I started doing the No-Sugar February Challenge.  It has evolved into the Mindful Eating Challenge.  That means if giving up sugar isn’t really beneficial for you—maybe you aren’t the addict I am—you can choose a challenge that fits your needs for the shortest month of the year.

Challenge Suggestions (pick one or all):

Give up sugar (or whatever your vice is).

Make sure you aren’t distracted while eating.  Take time to stop and eat.  That means no eating in front of the television, Facebook, or while doing the crossword.

Try not to overeat at meals.

Try to include more veggies (perhaps even a veggie at every meal).

Use an app or excel spreadsheet to record everything you eat and watch calories in vs. out.

Try to drink more water, reduce caffeine or cut out beverages with calories.

Select a program like the Whole30, Paleo, vegan or some other food related lifestyle you’ve been interested in experimenting with.

Take a picture of all your food and text it to a friend.


We started a Facebook group if knowing you aren’t alone is helpful.  It’s the Mindful Eating Challenge group with lettuce leaves as its profile picture.  The challenge starts February 1st, so you have time to plan!  Hope you’ll join me.  Let me know if you decide to.

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