Meet Katy

Meet Katy

“My cousin and I were always rubbing each other’s feet when we were younger,” Katy Hall reminisces.

Many years later, Katy found herself treating her clients to a foot rub after their facials and she soon realized what a great addition it was to the services she offered. Katy was officially bit by the reflexology bug.

Reflexology uses therapeutic essential oils while applying pressure to the feet through a variety of techniques. These techniques claim to dissipate energy blocks within organs and systems and breakdown crystalline structures within the body. Stimulating the circulatory lymphatic systems, electro chemical energy, and the body’s natural immune system helps encourage the release of toxins and enables the body to heal itself.

While there are mixed reviews as to whether or not the claims reflexology makes are true, and some studies may be flawed, the University of Minnesota, compiled a list of studies that do seem to show there may be benefits to organs and the rest of the body.  Studies have shown an impact on organs, a decrease in pain, blood pressure and other symptoms, and an increase in relaxation.  Ultimately, no matter what the research says, a session with Katy is a fantastic foot rub that will make you feel like all your cares have melted away.  That’s a win in our book.

Katy loves people’s responses both physically and spiritually to reflexology and ensures people leave feeling relaxed and energized. She believes in the power of working on the points of the feet with acupressure and its connections to the organs in the body, “It’s a amazing how it works”. Katy is particularly passionate about working with cancer patients and reflexology because she believes it can make a big difference.

Reflexology is great for:

  • Headaches
  • Pre-menstrual tension
  • symptoms of menopause
  • breathing difficulties
  • reproductive imbalances
  • stress and anxiety
  • bowel imbalances
  • digestive relaxation
  • detoxification
  • body relaxation
  • Blood pressure imbalance

When not practicing reflexology or esthetician work, she enjoys strength training, yoga, and hiking and as well as Pilates.

Katy also recently took on the challenge of completing a fire walk. (Read about Maggie’s firewalk experience here.

The firewalking group in Niantic...can you spot Katy, Maggie or Jess?

The firewalking group in Niantic…can you spot Katy, Maggie or Jess?

She says she was always interested in doing a firewalk, but wasn’t actively seeking out the experience. However, when the opportunity came along she couldn’t pass it up. She was interested in doing the firewalk to restore her inner balance and become grounded again. She thought it was a great challenge and was glad she did it!

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Today’s post was written by PE instructor, Jess Tucker.