Over the weekend I was in central Pennsylvania, which is known for the best potato chip.  The secret ingredient is lard, which makes everything better.  I know this because my Grandma’s pie crust has lard and it is delicious.  Pie crust aside, I know this because I love food.  I love it too much.  So much that trying one bag of potato chips seemed insufficient, so my friends and I decided to have a chip taste test.  Kay and Ray’s was the winner, but we got to go through multiple bags and multiple brands.  I’m pretty sure I still feel the grease dripping out of my pores.

With this as just one example of how poorly I’ve been eating, I’ve decided it has to stop.  I need to make a change for my waistline, but more importantly for how I feel.  And even more importantly for the parts of me that I don’t feel—arteries, kidneys, liver—but that I want to fuel in a better and healthier way.

Starting Monday, May 9th I’m going back to my December Detox.  See the link for full details. I’m making a few tweaks.  I’ll be eating sweet potatoes, quinoa, some rice, and legumes if I want (although I don’t eat a lot of legumes).  I’m adding some carbs because last time when I did the diet (a combination of the Microbiome Diet and The Blood Sugar Solution) for ten days I was constantly starving.  I couldn’t consume enough.  It was all healthy, but I’d wake up hungry in the middle of the night.  I’m really active and I require some carbs.  I think it’s necessary for my lifestyle. This time around I’ll be trying this healthy lifestyle (I hate the words diet and detox) for three months, excluding travel outside the US.   If you want to join me for any or all of it, you are welcome to try.  It’s hard, and I know I’m motivated because I have a couple of autoimmune issues that nag and annoy me in different ways.  I’m always on the hunt for a more natural way to tame my immune system.  If there is another food-plan you’d like to follow, but you’d like a partner-in-crime, feel free to join me.  This time around I won’t be doing any of the measurements–just the food guidelines.

As if that is not enough, and because I apparently really hate myself, I’m also trying the 30-Day Minimalism game.  While the food changes will be torture, I actually think this one will be fun.  Purging stuff from my home is endlessly rewarding.  The basic game is this: Day 1 purge one item.  Day 2 purge two items.  Day 3 purge three items, and so on through day 30.  Whoever goes the furthest wins.  I’m interested to see how hard it is to come up with 465 (the grand total) items to discard or donate from my house.  I don’t think it will be that hard.  I can’t wait to start playing.  This is a no pressure game if you want to join.  It’s completely for fun.  If you are away on day eleven and purge 23 items (11+12) the next day, you’re still in it.  If you take a weekend and purge 465 items total, I’d say you’re in it.  One of my friends thinks she can compete with her kitchen only.  Full disclosure:  I’m also a bit motivated to purge our house because in September we are having house tours to celebrate the house’s 350th birthday.

I’m going to try to take a picture of each day’s purge.  If you want to join in the fun of either the 30-day minimalism challenge or the microbiome-adapted diet email me at Maggie@personaleuphoria.com.  If you want to be a part of a group text of reminders and encouragement, give me your cell phone and I’ll start one.

Between cleaning out the house and cleaning up my body I hope to go through spring and into summer feeling revitalized.  Come play with me for either of both.