Do you want to join me on a 10-day detox this December?  Please keep reading.

This holiday season I will not bite the head off of any more chocolate Turkeys.

This holiday season I will not bite the head off of any more chocolate Turkeys.

This is not a detox where you don’t eat.  That has never appealed to me.  I’m way too active to skip meals and drink only tea, and I get really crabby when I don’t eat.  My desire to do this detox comes from a couple of areas.  One, I always like a good food experiment, and, two, I’d been eating so terribly that on Halloween I looked at a bowl of Reese’s and thought the idea of sweets were disgusting.  That was perhaps a first in my entire life I was repulsed by food. But it’s been working in my favor.  Since then I have been eating better.  December is really hard month to stay on track, so a couple friends and I are trying this little challenge.    Here’s the info (if you’re still reading):

A friend and I got together to combine forces from the most recent books we’ve been skimming about the miracles of healthy eating.  I read Dr. Hyman’s book about blood sugar level (supposed to be great for helping diminish autoimmune issues).  My friend read Dr. Kellman’s book on the microbiome diet, which fascinates me.   This is what we pulled from both that we decided would be doable and interesting.  So it’s a hodgepodge:


10 Day (Dec 7-Dec 16)

Eliminated Foods:


Gluten & All Grains

Sugar (including honey and molasses and maple syrup)

Processed Foods

Legumes (except chick peas)

Eggs are Okay

Kefir was optional on one diet (so that is up to you)

Organic, gluten-free jerky was optional on one (so up to you)


First Day and Last Day:

Measure Weight, Height, Waist Size, Hip Size, Thigh Circumference, Blood Pressure (at your local store if possible)


Microbiome Foods to Incorporate:

Every day try to eat at least one of the following foods: Asparagus, carrots, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, Jicama, leeks, onions, radishes, and/or tomatoes


Daily Tips:

Both diets recommend a healthy shake for breakfast.  This will be the hardest part for me. I think I may have to have an egg.

Soup or Salad for Lunch

Protein at every meal

30-minutes of exercise each day.  Walking is exercise.

7-minutes of interval training each day (can be part of the 30-min total).  I’d skip if you have joint issues.

5-deep breaths and a glass of water before every meal (I don’t really love the water part–so up to you)

Gentle Stretching before bed each night

A warm bath each night (perhaps you can shoot for one or two total, unless this is a realistic option).  The de-stressing stuff was included in the book I read based on the notion that stress/cortisol makes you fat and relaxation makes you skinny.  While I don’t love that idea, I think it’s easier to eat better when you are less stressed.

Warm your middle with a heating pad before bed each night.

Journaling about how it’s going each day (optional).  The goal is to be mindful.

My diet book had daily goals to focus on, so if you want to join in the fun, let me know and I can put together a group text (if I remember) each morning with the focus of the day.

Ultimately, I’m trying it without being too paranoid and without getting mad if I screw up.  Ready to join me?