Conquering Fear with Breathing and Rock Climbing

I afraid of heights.  I’ll go into one of those buildings like the Willis Tower in Chicago, where you can step out onto a glass floor and look down at the city below, and I’ll have to sit down and inch my butt onto the glass without looking down for a quick photo-op.   I’ll try not to think about it as I’m waiting in line and then when it’s my turn and I go to step on the glass, I physically can’t move my body.  I’m actually crippled by fear.  This has happened to me at the beach too with waves that wouldn’t phase a child

I’m a scaredy cat.  I try to convince myself that it my fear is totally normal.  My brain is actually smarter than people willing to walk onto suspended glass platforms or jump from cliffs into pools of water.  My brain recognizes how badly that could all end.  But the truth is I want to do some things I’m afraid of.  And I don’t want to be afraid.

Sometimes my fear of heights holds me back.  I get scared on certain hikes.  I am terrified  to the point of tears of zip lines.  And it’s gotten worse […]