Henna Party: The Best Times are Spent with Good Friends

Henna Hands Henna Hands

I wrangled a couple of girlfriends together for a henna party in March.  I thought I was going to have to twist some arms, but everyone came willingly.  I was a little worried my friends might think it was cheesy when I learned that in some local high schools henna goes in and out of fashion with sixteen-year-old girls.  I don’t think of myself as super girly, so I was conflicted about wanting to try it. Not knowing what to expect, I was most intrigued to have someone paint on me.  I love any excuse for proprioception.

Henna is an Indian tradition, usually used at times when women gather—before a wedding, during a pregnancy, or a naming ceremony. Henna Feet Henna Feet

Two women, Shruti and Snehal, came to our house to do the henna—every image was done freestyle.  They could create a pattern from a picture or produce their own design in minutes.  No matter what design we picked or where we placed the henna on the body, they fashioned fabulous art.  It wasn’t what I expected though.  I’m […]