Jealous of food bloggers

I’m jealous of food bloggers.  It’s so easy to entice people with pictures of delicious looking food that makes us salivate.  We want to read.  We want to get the recipe.  I could stare at pictures of food for longer than is probably healthy.

Come for the Pancakes. Stay for the health. Come for the Pancakes. Stay for the health.

I write a fitness blog.  I have to convince people they want and should like to move.  They don’t come to me necessarily loving exercise the way so many of us love food.  I can’t just post pictures of delicious food that encourages people to read further.  And if I posted pictures of incredibly sexy women, I may get accused of a variety of things including sexualizing women.  And, besides most of us don’t want to devote the time and follow the strict diet restraints to get ourselves to look like a model, myself included.  And, really, I’d rather look at food.  A beautiful picture of a woman in a blog or in a magazine is rarely what motivates me to move.

I don’t really want people to be motivated by a perfect-seeming body.  […]