Moves for a Desk Jobs

Sitting isn’t always bad!

A study estimates that people spend in average 18 years of their life sitting.  We definitely need to get up and move more, but if we have a desk job that isn’t always an easy option.  But there are ways we can fit movement in at our desk.  Recently, at a speaking engagement geared toward individuals who primarily work at a desk, I was asked two questions:

1)      What is a great way to stretch your chest while at your desk?

Spinal Rotation is a fan favorite.  It is rare to find a person who doesn’t like this rotational exercise.  While normally done on the floor, you can alter it to be done from your chair.  That means you can fit it in during a quick break.  You can also stand up and try it too! Explore movement that feels good to you.

2)      What can you […]