Christmas Ornaments: Ornaments Filled with Memories

Great minds think alike, I guess? Great minds think alike, I guess?

Matt and I have a tradition of exchanging Christmas ornaments each year.  Last year we unknowingly gave each other the same zombies in honor of our love for The Walking Dead.  We hang both on the tree.  I’ve made him a stained glass pumpkin because he prefers Halloween to Christmas.  He’s bought me a field hockey player.  I got him a Santa Clause riding a giant fish.  It’s meant for a fisherman, but we both loved the movie Big Fish. He gave me an Irish Santa.

Years ago, I gave Matt a blown glass ball with blue waves to represent his company, Tsunami Tsolutions.  A few years later, we decorated our tree, ran out, came back and found that the tree had fallen over.  A few ornaments had shattered, including the blown glass wave.  He asked if I could get it again.  I wasn’t sure.  I hadn’t bought in on Amazon.  I’d found it someplace random.  And when I searched Google again for “wave ornament” or “blown glass wave” nothing was coming up.

Meanwhile our friend Maureen had been suggesting for a […]

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Plank Story: Matt’s Birthday Nap

Specter, AlabamaMatt is better at relaxing than I am.  I’m improving though.  This year on his birthday, as always, he got to pick the activities.  So we napped in the living room.  We napped in bed.  And we napped on the deck.  Sadly, this isn’t code for anything else.  We actually just took three names in one day and then went to bed around nine.  When we got in bed he said to me, “This was a great day.  We napped on the couch.  We napped in bed, and we napped on the deck.”  Cheap date.  I’ll remember that next year.

Clearly, we both needed some sleep.  And I know I’ve gotten more chill because once upon a time that kind of day would have killed me.

My plan for Matt’s birthday involved a trip to Specter, Alabama—the faux city from the set of Big Fish.  There he tossed his only pair of shoes up on the line running along the town limits.  We had to drive to JCPenny in stocking feet to go buy a new pair of shoes.

If you’re a Tim Burton, Ewan McGregor or Big Fish fan, check out […]

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