The Greatest Showman

I love musical theater.  Matt, my boyfriend, does not.  When we first started dating if we saw a musical together we both had a terrible time.  He hated the experience, and I could tell he was miserable which ruined it for me.  The third and final time we ever saw people singing together on stage, I realized that each time the actors inhaled to prepare for a note, Matt sighed heavily and audibly, like the last breath escaping a dying man.  He was completely unaware that he was perceptibly expressing his disdain for show tunes.

We stopped going to musicals with each other because I love him and wanted our relationship to last.  Also, I have other friends to enjoy them with.  Then earlier this year—roughly sixteen years since our last musical—we were out for dinner and looked quickly to see if any movies were playing near the restaurant.  If we rushed, we could get to The Greatest Showman, a movie about P.T. Barnum.  We both like a good history/bio flick so we rushed to the theater and sat just as the movie was starting.  Seconds later when the movie opened with […]