Instructor Highlight Maureen

So Maureen isn’t one of our instructors, but she’s an integral part of Personal Euphoria.  Maureen handles all the money and ensures our whole team gets paid.  She works with the towns, invoices, and processes payment.  And, if you’ve ever tried to watch Maggie count, you know it’s important that she has help in this department.

Get to Know Maureen:

When you aren’t teaching what are some of your favorite ways to move?

Walking the beach, and walking it again.  It’s like a new landscape appears with each tide.  Each tide brings you a new gift. A piece of sea glass, a shell, or just a view. I say it all the time “The beach is my happy place.”

What song motivates or picks you up the most?

Happy… Pharrell Williams (it’s a feel good song and reminds me of Maggie)

Favorite Food?

Hmmmm mostly anything edible. I am sitting here trying to decide what my favorite really is and I realize I don’t have a real favorite, how odd. I certainly have cravings, but if I had to choose, I couldn’t.

Time you normally crawl into bed?

Weeknights 8:30-9:00, Weekends when I wake up […]