If you have been feeling a tad tense, you are not alone.  It’s a strange world we are living in.  It’s helpful to find ways to boost your spirits and give yourself a pick me up.  When you aren’t at your best, how do you turn that frown upside down?  Here are some tips that work for the team at Personal Euphoria for how to feel better when life keeps throwing curve balls.

I hope they make you smile.  Simply reading them brought a smile to my face.  I’d made my list first and found myself reading our instructors’ lists afterward and thinking, “yes, that’s a good one too!”

How to Feel Better (Maggie’s Version)

For me I turn to movement, showtunes, walks with friends, and a gratitude journal.  I’ve always kept a gratitude journal on and off for enjoyment, but for the first time in my life I found myself needing to make a ritual out of it.  I needed to list the good parts of my day and end with positive thoughts.

How to Feel Better (the PE Team’s Version)

Other members of our team, take different tactics.  When Angie needs a pick me up she drinks carrot juice, takes a nap, or smiles at herself in the mirror! Barb works in her garden, takes a walk with a friend, goes for a jog with some country music, cooks healthy food, or binge watches Schitt’s Creek.  Noreen starts with a few deep breaths, then she plays the violin or guitar and gets lost in music, she walks with a friend or does yoga, or tunes into a funny show like Friends or Schitt’s Creek. Sonia looks for a way to reach out and help someone else.  She finds it lifts her spirits.  Rachel will take long drives and sing to herself, garden, workout till she sweats, visit a book, bake a new recipe, play vinyl records, plan an adventure, or clean.

Lots of Overlap

There seems to be a running theme here with music, walking with friends, and general movement.  I’m not sure what the multiple Schitt’s Creek cure say about our team, but perhaps I should check that show out.  Research shows that doing good for others makes us happier.  Which is truly a win-win.

Reading these ideas made me feel better (maybe in part because I know the people). I relate to all of them except the carrot juice (sorry, Angie!).  I envisioned the activity and imagined a smile coming to everyone’s face. Even the fact that carrot juice was on Angie’s list made me happy for her.  So maybe just thinking about the activities that bring joy can boost our spirits.

Last year I threw Prom 1997 for Matt and another friend to celebrate their 40th birthdays.  Neither had been to prom.  In preparation we asked everyone to send us their high school year book picture.  It was a wonderful treat.  Because even friends that I had met at 20 actually had aged a lot since they were 18.  You grow up quite a bit in those two years of life.  Seeing everyone’s images come in made me endlessly happy.  If you want a little extra joy in your day, reach out to the people you care about and ask them for a yearbook picture.  And apparently, ask them what they do when they need a pick me up.  Just thinking of your loved ones getting a boost in their spirits might help boost yours.

To that end, we’d love to hear from you at what boosts your spirits.  Do you have a funny or surprising way you turn that frown upside down?  Share in the comments or email us at maggie@personaleuphoria.com

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