Golden Eagle in Mongolia

A documentary called the Eagle Huntress inspired me to go to Mongolia. It’s a film about a young girl who wants to be the first eagle hunter in Mongolia in a world where that role is passed from father to son. It’s a beautiful movie. I highly recommend it.

Opportunity in Mongolia

Along our travels, unexpectedly, at a tourist destination there was an opportunity to hold a golden eagle. Matt jumped at the chance. I wanted to hold the massive bird, but was desperately afraid. The wingspan of these giant birds is wider than I am tall. As we walked around the site, I kept thinking, “if I leave this country without holding an eagle when I have the chance, I will be so mad at myself. I have to do it.” I told Matt. He’d help me get the job done. Accountability and support from those we care about can help us do many things we are unsure we can manage.

Overcoming Fear in Mongolia

My fear was that the bird would peck out my eyes or tear off my ear, so I wanted those areas protected. I put on sunglasses as protective eye gear, covered my ears in a buff and then began to zip up a parka and tighten the hood around my head. It was around 80-degrees, which encouraged the man with the eagle to ask my guide what I was doing. The guide told him I was afraid of losing an ear or an eye. The man with the eagle explained that had never happened—a message my guide relayed to me. It didn’t matter. Being completely covered was comforting.

I held the eagle, raising my arm with it perched upon my fist. I wish I could have enjoyed the moment with a little less fear, but I did it. Next time I’ll look up at that gorgeous bird.  I do hope to return to Mongolia.

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