There are many reasons why I’m grateful I had the mother I had.  Here are just some in honor of Mother’s Day!


Me and my mom, my mom and me

My mom has always been a great advice giver.  She taught me to never let them know they are getting to you. When things didn’t go my way, she encouraged me to see the humor and the story in the event. She always encouraged me to pursue dreams without letting me think they are easily attainable.

No Pressure

My mom expected us to try our best, but there was no pressure to do better or be a straight A student for the sake of getting A’s or killing ourselves.  She has always balanced work with fun and encouraged relaxation—a trait I’m still trying to learn from her.  I admire her ability relax.  It’s vital to our health and we don’t give enough credit for those who don’t sweat the small stuff.  The older I get, the more I appreciate this about my mother.  Not just because it is a good trait, but because I was born a type-A, go getter who could burn the wick from both ends.  My mother always encouraged me to go gentler on myself and that is a wonderful gift.

Hard Work

Though she enjoyed her downtime, my mom set an example of working hard. Her skill really came from being able to turn on and off and balance relaxation with hard work.  Ideally you put hard work into something you love, but you work hard at whatever job you need to pursue.  At times she worked multiple jobs because it had to be done.  She had me do chores, which I hated at the time, but I think was really important now.  Last month she just sanded and refinished her kitchen cabinets all by herself.  If you want anything done, you can figure out how to do it—that’s the example my mom always set for me.


My favorite picture of me and my mom

Whenever someone came to our house, my mom made us all come and say hello.  It didn’t matter if the person was there to see just her.  We greeted guests in our home.  I love that.  She is also one of those people that random folks in line at a store will engage in conversation because my mom shows kindness and interest in anyone who needs it.  She makes time.


My mom is super silly.  She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, or if she does, she doesn’t let on.  She’ll dress up as a zombie for a video I’m making.  She’ll do the 100 for me.  She crafted the chicken walk which is a ridiculous, but effective way of relieving gas pain.  The year she retired from teaching a friend bought her a night at the Ritz in New York City and my mom brought top hats and danced to Putting on the Ritz in the lobby.  All this may come from her theater background.


My brother recently had a baby, and I asked him if it made him realize how much our parents love him.  He said he always understood how much he was loved.  I feel the same way. We have different mothers, but all my parents have made me feel adored.  You don’t need that to get through life, but having a parent that has your back, is always there for you, and makes you feel like you are capable of taking on anything is truly a privilege because not everyone feels they have that support system.  Best of all when I don’t feel capable or when I fail, that love is still there.

My mom got some of the best traits from her parents.  She finds happiness and joy in life like her mother.  She loves people and can talk to them comfortably for hours like her father.

How lucky am I?  Thank you, Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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