If your writs don’t hurt you may take for granted how much they are supporting you on an exercise like sidebends.

Our fingers do not have any muscles.  They move like puppets on a string via tendons connected to the muscles of the hand and forearm.  That means we need flexible, strong, mobile wrists so that our fingers can maintain all their movements.  The opposable thumbs we love so much would be less useful without a tendon running off a muscle down through our wrist.  Whether our wrists are tight or weak, it can cause wrist pain when we do exercises that rely on the wrists.  This includes plank, push-ups, tricep dips, holding weights, or supporting your body weight in any way.  If the wrists are getting in the way, it can drastically limit our upper body work.

Injuries or carpel tunnel make people think of their wrists, but otherwise, unlike six pack abs, most people are not looking to tone their wrists.  This becomes a problem if you go to do an exercise and your wrists get in the way because they are weak or feel strained when you put your body weight on them.

The video below provides some tips for stretching and strengthening the wrists.  These exercises can be done daily.  Do nothing that hurts and always ease in.  The stretches can be intense.  Do not put too much pressure on the joint and stop if something does not feel good.  When in doubt ask your doctor if these options are right for you.

For anyone with carpal tunnel.  Start here:

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