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I’m also super grateful for the team at PE, but that’s a whole other blog.

We’ve reached that time of year for giving thanks.  I love it.  Stopping to appreciate all that is good in your life is a worthwhile practice.

As a company Personal Euphoria has a lot to be thankful for.  Primarily everyone who attends our group classes, does our online classes, or takes our private lessons.  And anyone reading this.

Group Classes

When I teach a group class, I love when people talk to each other before the classes start.  I like the social aspect of people coming together to move.  I like when you laugh at movement because it’s hard or silly (an exercise like the seal fills both categories).  When, as a group, you move your neck so it’s in line with your spine or connect the ribs, I’m thrilled.  Watching people “get it” really makes me happy.  And, I do Pilates, too, so I know how hard it can be to “get it.”  When you show up even though your back is cranky and then leave feeling better, I feel honored.  It’s not that I deserve the credit for that; I don’t.  You showed up.  But it’s movement.  Movement makes us all feel better, and I take pride in being a part of that.

Online Programs

Our online programming is pretty new, but I’m grateful to be trying new things and have the potential to reach more people and encourage them to move.  I also look forward to having additional resources for everyone who takes our classes.  I’m excited for the potential this new programming has.

Private Clients

My private clients are willing to spend an hour with me once or twice a week.  I’m definitely grateful for that.  In a one-on-one setting I’m constantly asking my clients for feedback, which they always provide.  They let me poke and prod them and they never poke me back. They try new things with my eyes only on them.  They might take that for granted, but I think it’s brave. When you give me feedback about what you do or don’t feel, I learn how to be a better teacher.  When you reach a goal you’ve struggled with, I feel like an accomplice in your body’s progress.  Days you walk out the door feeling better than you walked in, I get to feel like I’m a part of something important.  When you find the muscle that’s meant to be working and you react, I get more than a twinge of joy (as you know).  Best of all, I enjoy my time with everyone that walks into the studio.  I’m extraordinarily lucky.

Movement is fun.  It’s also a challenge and can be emotional.  When anyone trusts me with what is happening in their body, I’m grateful.  It’s a treat for me.  Know that whether you attend a group class or meet with me privately, I truly enjoy my time with you.  You make me smile; you motivate me to learn.

Regularly, I stop to think about how much I delight in all my clients.  I work with a smart, interesting, funny, curious, unique bunch of characters each week.  Could my job get any better?

My clients make my day, every day.  Truly.  Thank you for being one of them.

And, if you’re not a client, but you read the Keep Moving blog, I am grateful for your time.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to spend it with my thoughts on movement or travel.

Anyone open to sharing, I’m open to hearing some of the things you are grateful for this year…


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