The PE team often tries new classes together. This was when we tried ballroom dancing. No matter what we try, it’s always fun being together.

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Everything’s better with friends, and this includes your workout. While it may seem silly to ask a friend to join you, it is actually a wonderful way to stay motivated to keep up the same routine. A recent study showed that those who work out with a friend are more likely to stick with their routine instead of giving up. Here are some ways to include friends to mix up your workout routine and stick out your fitness goals.

Challenge yourself by working out with a friend who is a gym pro

Do you have a friend or colleague who is a fitness fanatic? They are the runner who can go for miles without breaking a sweat, or who knows which machines at the gym will get your body summer-ready. Call on your friend to kick your workout up a notch with some hints and company. Chances are they will enjoy the chance to help out, and it will drive you to keep up.

Make a game out of the gym

Who says the gym can’t be used for more than one purpose? With a few close friends along, the gym suddenly turns into a place to socialize and catch up with friends. As long as you still work out, chatting with your besties can help make the time go faster and will certainly make you want to go to the gym again.

Share your goals and share the accountability

Taking a friend or two along for a workout not only makes the trip more fun, but it also helps to keep you honest about your goals. A true friend will be there for the celebration when you reach your objectives, and also there to keep you accountable when you fall off the routine. It is a lot harder to ditch out on a cardio class when you are meeting your buddies there too!

Maybe you want to lose weight, or maybe your friend really wants to work on her strength.  Maybe you just want to feel good in your body and you know moving always makes us feel better.

Whatever your motivation, talk to each other and help one another with meeting your goals. Look for new ways to incorporate more physical activity together whenever you can. Share an online calendar together so you can both check off your workouts as you go when you can’t do them together.

Mix up your workout with partner exercises

There are just some things at the gym you need a friend  to help out with. Branch out and try new activities that involve both of you, like lifting free weights with a spotter, a game of squash, throwing a medicine ball back and forth, and cooling down with partner stretches. The added bit of variety can be enough to keep things changing, and keep you motivated to stay with it.

Take on a new class you just couldn’t face alone

Chances are there is a class you have always wanted to try but just haven’t gotten up the nerve to do so. A friend or two can give you the extra push you need to try a pilates or a barre class without feeling like you are going to make a fool out of yourself. The point of having friends close by is to have fun and to push each other, even if you look silly doing it. A friendly face can make all the difference in a new fitness class. Even better, you may find a new class you both enjoy and that you can attend regularly.

Mix up the old idea of a Happy Hour

Instead of just ditching Happy Hour all together, link up with friends for a workout first. Imagine the stories you can share about the funny stuff that happens at the gym or how much better you will feel about that small cheat dessert if you all worked out before. Not only will you have earned that glass of wine, but you’ll be able to share it with good company. Now that’s a Happy Hour!

Hitting the gym — or even working out at home! — is better with a friend or two. Whether you run, lift weights or shoot hoops together, the support of a good friend can make all the difference between sticking with a big goal and forgetting it.


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