Every once in a while I get a hankering to do a food challenge.  Typically every February I challenge myself not to consume sugar.  I pick February because it’s the shortest month of the year.  But after the amount of ice cream I consumed this summer, I’d rather not wait until February for a challenge.  For most of the month of September, starting on Tuesday, September 5th (after Labor Day Weekend), I’ll be doing a Month of Mindful Eating.  Anyone want to join me?

This challenge is a little open ended.  You can pick what Mindful Eating means for you.  Maybe you grab chips or chocolate without even noticing and after you regret it and you want to cut those trigger foods out.  Maybe you need to be accountable for what you eat so it would help to snap a picture and share each meal with a friend. Perhaps you could reduce alcohol or soda intake. For me, I’m going to try portion control and moderation because that is what I struggle with the most.  To keep me honest, I’m going to record my foods in my Fitbit App so I can see my calories in and out.

Taking time to be mindful about our food can help us notice when, where or why we make less than healthy food choices.  Noticing is the first step and can help us make adjustments to make choices we feel better about.

My ultimate goal is to get me back on track because I have not been eating well or healthfully this summer.  As the school year starts, I’m ready to hit the reset button.  Every challenge is more fun with friends.  Well, maybe fun isn’t the right word, but it’s certainly easier to stick to when you know you have a group to help keep you accountable.

Interested in joining in the challenge?  Let me know and shoot me an email (Maggie@personaleuphoria.com) to tell me your goal or how you are structuring your Mindful Eating Challenge.  Feel free to invite friends if having a bestie involved will encourage you.

Also, if you are a Facebook user, I’m not the savviest, but I created a group where we can all support each other.


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