I also got a fancy case to conceal it when it’s not being used.

In prep for hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, it was suggested to me that I get a device that enables women to pee while standing without taking their pants off.  It enables women to pee like a guy.  In truth, I’ve always been sort of interested in one of these contraptions, so it didn’t take much convincing.

A friend suggested the p-style.  And she said, “Practice.”  It arrived earlier this week.  The p-style looks sort of like a pink taco with one side sealed.  You place it where it needs to go, and viola, you can urinate like a guy.  Except I couldn’t figure out how not to pee all over my feet.  I couldn’t create enough force to get away from my feet.

I mentioned the problem to my dad at dinner.  He tells me, “Maggie.  Wide stance.  Pelvis forward.”  So I tried and it worked.  I’m not sure if guys know this little trick intuitively.  It also amuses me that my dad just taught his 36-year-old daughter how to pee like a guy.  A conversation I suspect he may not have counted on.

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