I was flying home and we hit mild turbulence.  Mild turbulence.  It may not scare most people, but it terrified me because even the slightest thing that seems unusual on a plane makes me grab the arm rests as if they can protect me from disaster.  So there I was death gripping the shoulder rest, breathing steadily and a little girl, I’m guessing around six, on the other side of the aisle looked out the window and exclaimed excitedly, “Look, we’re going through a cloud!”  She was thrilled.  And I thought, clearly this is all about perspective.  I could be excited that we are going through a cloud right now or I could be scared.  That thought process has helped keep me calm on a couple of plane rides now.  Perspective seems to be the lesson of the year, at least for me.

The isn’t the first time a child has motivated me to make a change.  Years ago I resisted getting an Iphone because it seemed too complicated.  Then I saw a two-year-old using one with ease and I figured if she could I could.  I was right, although I’m not sure my life is better for it.