If your schedule changes in the summer and you can’t get to your regular Pilates class this video and blog is for you.  Below you’ll find a ten minute Pilates workout of some of the best exercises to continue doing during your off season.

Best is always a sticky word because the ten best exercises would be different for every person and might be different for a specific individual on different days.

But what I think is good about this series is that is works you in flexion (rounded forward), extension (bending back), rotation and laterally (did you see how I threw in a plank there?).  The spine gets mobilized in every direction.  We work abs, back, glutes, legs and arms.  And we bookended it with two of the best stretches ever.

Watch the video for help or print out this list and take it with you.  You can do these moves anywhere, even outside in a park.

Reminder: You want to ensure your abdominals are gently engaged the entire time to keep the work out of your back.  If you feel an exercise in your back, stop.  Take a break.  You can always try again later.  Turn up the volume; it’s a little quiet.

Spinal Rotation

Roll Back with Flexband (or arms up)


Shoulder Bridge

Toe Taps

Oblique Roll Back

Side Plank (20-seconds each side)

Heel Squeeze Prone in Three Parts: Just squeeze, Squeeze Lift Knees, Squeeze Lift Knees Lift Head and Arms

Y to W Breast Stroke

Hip Flexor Stretch.

Note: I reserve the right to pick a whole new favorite ten exercises for entirely different reasons.  But in the meantime, have fun with these!