In our new segment highlighting great businesses, goals and adventures of Personal Euphoria clients, this week we visit Glastonbury.


Sarah and Monica in their shop!

Sarah and Monica in their shop!

Looking for a unique gift? Look no further than The Sow’s Ear in Glastonbury.

When you first walk into the store you’re met with a cozy, rustic vibe making you feel more as if you’re visiting a close friend than walking into a boutique. Surrounded by a collection of new, antique and repurposed items, my eyes don’t know where to look first. Whether you are looking for the perfect hostess gift, a present for the wedding you’re headed to, or home decorations all for yourself, there is truly something for everyone here. The store carries handmade and sustainable items and works with many small vendors that also have a purpose or story, such as giving a portion of the proceeds back to Reforestation in Thailand.

The owners, Monica McCafferty and Sarah Lavalette, have a great story as well. Both flea market junkies, it’s almost as if the two were destined to meet. Monica went to high school with Sarah’s husband and when Monica moved back to Connecticut and was looking for a pediatrician, Sarah’s husband was a no brainer. The two soon found their mutual love of repurposed goods and over many flea market trips their friendship blossomed.

Monica had always wanted to have her own shop and she decided to test out the idea with Sarah by hosting a home show. They sold out that night and pretty soon they found themselves looking at store locations. Then, in the middle of a freezing winter, they walked into the tavern space in Glastonbury and knew they could make something happen.

Some items for sale.  Monica and Sarah have GREAT taste.

Some items for sale. Monica and Sarah have GREAT taste.

The store’s name The Sow’s Ear was inspired by a favorite saying of Monica’s Irish grandmother. The expression goes, You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear,” meaning that you cannot turn something ugly or inferior into something attractive or of value. The phrase always stuck with Monica, and they  needed a name for the space that would house their repurposed treasures, it made perfect sense.

Sarah and Monica love being in downtown Glastonbury and appreciate having the support of the local community and surrounding shops. “We are thrilled to be located in an area that is not only growing, but also has reputable established businesses.  We’re not in competition with anyone. We want everyone to be successful!”

However, that doesn’t mean that running their own business is easy. Sarah and Monica keep their sanity by making time for exercise, leaning on the support of their friends and family, and being mindfully present. When they are at the store they focus on the store and when they’re at home they focus on being at home.

One workout Sarah enjoys is Pilates. She has been going to Glastonbury Parks and Recreation for years loves that the classes are close by and affordable. She enjoyed going to morning classes, and even though some days she wakes up and wants to stay in her pajamas, once she leaves class she’s so glad she went!

So the next time you join us for class at Glastonbury Parks & Recreation, or if you’re driving around town, drive up the road a check out The Sow’s Ear and all they have to offer. Mention the Personal Euphoria Newsletter when you stop in and receive 10% off your order.

Sows Ear 2The Sow’s Ear

2400 Main Street

Glastonbury CT

Today’s Post was written by PE instructor: Jess Tucker

Note:  We have started a new segment where we highlight our clients.  As a small business, we love celebrating and drawing attention to local small businesses.  We’d also love to share your adventures, goals, or stories on how movement has improved your life.  Have an idea for someone we should be highlighting?  Please let us know.