Everyone is always a strong statement.  There is always a reason someone shouldn’t do certain movements, but for the most part these moves are pretty safe. And what is better is they are good for  just about everyone.  If you aren’t typically very active, this is a good way to introduce movement.  If you are super active, this is a great way to make sure you focus on every part of your body in a gentle way to help recuperate for you next workout.  The body wants to move.  So here are eight exercises to incorporate throughout your day.  You can even get your coworkers doing them.  If they hurt anything, stop.  Try these every other day at least.  It shouldn’t even take ten minutes.

The order doesn’t matter, but remember START UPS!

Try them morning, noon and night.  Do them to your heart’s delight.  (Uh, oh, I’ve started rhyming…time to move so I stop yammering…)

Shoulder Lifts:

Shoulders Up, Shoulders Down...OR...One Up/One Down

Shoulders Up, Shoulders Down…OR…One Up/One Down


Sitting or standing with your arms long at your sides, slide your shoulders up by your ears and then  lower your shoulders back down like you are doing a shoulder shrug.  Try different variations.  Lift and lower with control.  Lift and then just let them drop like your arms became dead weight.  Try lifting one shoulder and lowering the other.  Switch.  On the last version try not to let your spine bend side to side as you move your shoulders.

Toe Lifts:

Lift and Lower All Ten Toes without shifting weight back!

Lift and Lower All Ten Toes without shifting weight back!

Ideally standing, but sitting if that’s your only option.

Without shifting your weight lift all ten toes off the floor and lower them (repeat 10 times or until you get bored).

Ankle Circles:

Ankle Circles

Sitting or standing (if you desire a little balance challenge).  Lift one foot and circle your ankle in both directions.  Repeat on the other side.

Rib Twists:

A personal favorite.

A personal favorite.

Sitting or standing.  Rotate your ribs to one side and then to the other. Standing makes this more dynamic if you try to twist the ribs while keeping the hips still.  Sometimes focus on keeping the hips still, sometimes just let yourself move.

Turkey Trots:

This can really relieve a sore neck, but if it aggravates anything stop.

This can really relieve a sore neck, but if it aggravates anything stop.

Imagine a turkey strutting.  Without letting your chin drop up or down, move your head forward and back.  When you pull back, it may feel like you are trying to give yourself a double chin.

Upper Back Motion

Another favorite.

Another favorite.

Sitting or standing (but sitting is a little more comfortable and easier).  Reach arms straight out in front of you.  Reach for the wall across the room by spreading your shoulder blades apart and rounding forward at the ribs (try not to move the lower back).  Then slide your shoulder blades together and bring your breast bone forward like you are doing a little upper back bend.  Repeat ten times (or just keep going if it feels great).

Pelvic Tilts:

Notice the little arch in my low back. This doesn't have to be a big move.

Notice the little arch in my low back. This doesn’t have to be a big move.


Standing, Sitting or Lying down—try them all

Whatever position you pick you are trying to move your pelvis from neutral (a slight arch in your low back) to imprint (a lengthening of the low back).  Basically, you are trying to rock your pelvis back and forth.  Think of tucking your tailbone between your legs like a bad dog and then sticking it out.  Try to make the motion come from your abs—NOT your butt or back.  Experiment with how big and how small you can make the motion.  Try to keep your ribs still.

Standing Hip Circles:

You know you want to get up and do these right now!

You know you want to get up and do these right now!

Open your legs wider than your hips and then trace an imaginary hula hoop with your pelvis.  Reverse.


Nothing should hurt when you do these moves.  If it does, stop.  Actually, your body should be overjoyed.  It should be thanking you.  You just moved pretty much every part from top to bottom.  Well done, you!