Gluten has been out of my life for nearly three and a half years, but who’s counting. So it was a sad day when I got some allergy testing back for IgG and IgA antibodies and the results suggested an allergy to dairy and mushrooms. I agreed to give up both in addition to the gluten for three months. I still have high hopes of cheese, milk and ice cream in my future.

Some days are worse than others, but really it’s not as awful as I imagined. The first two weeks were really tough, and I felt awful. So bad that I tried to convince myself that I must actually really need dairy and my body was dying without it—only slightly dramatic. But I held strong, and I do feel better this week.

It helps to have Divine Treasures in Manchester. In addition to my favorite chocolate (which is all gluten and dairy free) they also make gluten-free, dairy-free pizzas and cheese. The pizzas are good.  They also have d-free, g-free ice cream!   And I’ve started to notice there are places I don’t miss it. For example I often have a fried egg for breakfast. I used to always put cheese on it, but today I didn’t feel like I was missing anything without it.

And here is why these occasional challenges are good. If going forward I have a problem with dairy, but maybe I can eat it in moderation (fingers crossed). I just learned a place that I can cut it and not feel like I miss it. I still miss it on pasta. So I can learn where I really want it and where I’m fine going without.

The dairy free saga…to be continued…