Most of us spend at least 40-hours per week at work, so for 2012, get your office workout ready.  It will help you keep motivated and stay healthier throughout the year.  Here is what I think you need stocked in your office to help motivate you.  Excluding the walking shoes,  nothing on this list should be more than $20.
·         Stability Ball—to sit on instead of an office chair (at least some of the time)
·         Good Pair of Walking Shoes & Socks—so you don’t have to remember to bring them from home
·         Foam Roller or ½ Foam Roller—to fit in self massage, or to stretch your calves
·         Water Bottles—so when you go for a walk you can hydrate
·         FlexBand—so that twice a day for three minute or less you can stand up and give yourself a little resistance training.
·         Small Towel—In case you sweat on a walk and want to do a quick wipe down
·         Outlook Reminders—Telling you to stand up and move three to eight times per day!