You may have heard this story recently during a plank in my class. A few weeks ago I had a regular cleaning at my dentist. He asked me if I’d notice any changes lately and I told him that sometimes, but not all the time, I’m sensitive to cold. He sent me home with sensodyne toothpaste and some fluoride toothpaste. He didn’t seem that concerned.

Then I stopped by my mom’s and I told her. I said, “It’s odd because it doesn’t happen all the time so I’m not used to it. Each time it happens it’s like a little surprise.”

And this is when my mother, my own flesh and blood, laughed at me. “Oh, Maggie,” she said with a sinister yet loving smile. “At thirty, it’s sensitive, teeth. Surprise!” She said. “A few years later you get up from a chair and oh how your knee hurts. Surprise! From here on out, Maggie, it’s a life of little surprises.”

We both had a good laugh. I’m sure she is right. No doubt there are some downsides to the aging process, but it’s just more incentive to keep moving and stay healthy. The healthier I am now, the happier I think I’ll be when I’m eighty even if ice cream stings my teeth.