I’ll admit that I haven’t tried a Purple Mangosteen (click the link to see what they look like) yet, but I am so fascinated that in honor of Fruit & Vegetable Month I already sent away from mine. I’m quite curious.

Here’s what Dutch Govoner Georgius Everhardus Rumphius (1628-1702) had to say:

“When ripe the fruit is as delicate and agreeably sweet as the finest lansehs (another famous Malay fruit tree, of which a variety called the Duku is the domesticated representation which ought next to engage the attention of the wealthy) and may even be mistaken for ripe grapes. It is at the same time so juicy, that many people can never eat enough of it, so delicious is its fragrance and agreeable its sweetness; and it is believed that the sick, when appetite or the power of eating has wholly gone, are nevertheless delighted with this fruit; or at least if they will not take to Mangosteens their case is indeed hopeless.”

And supposedly Queen Victoria was a fan too. I’ll let you know my opinion when they arrive. I had to send away from them. I did read that you can get them at an Asian grocery, but the couple I called didn’t have it.