Exercise can be a bad word. A lot of people don’t like to do it. So let’s just stop calling it exercise. When we were kids we called it gym class–though I know a lot of people who dreaded gym and didn’t think it was fun. Really all exercise and gym classes do is get the body moving.

Here are some ways to make to do that this weekend:

  • Go walk on the beach. This will get you outside and work your body harder than a walk on pavement. Maybe you can even build a sandcastle.
  • Garden–maybe even join a gardening club this summer.
  • Hula hoop with your kids.
  • Take a bike ride in a scenic area.
  • Pull out an old Richard Simmons video, call and old friend and start “Sweating to the Oldies” while you enjoy a good laugh.

The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t have to be intense physical activity, but start to get your body moving. What kinds of activities that put your body in motion do you enjoy?