If you’ve taken my class you’ve probably heard me discuss the President’s Challenge fitness test that students take in gym class. I have my problems with it because I don’t think it teaches people to exercise properly and it doesn’t provide the proper time (in the half sit up category) to use your muscles properly.

That being said I noticed that they have created a President’s Challenge for Adults. You take the test with a partner (so you have someone to time and count for you) and you report your results online. While I do think there are some flaws in the exam, I also think it can be an interesting challenge and potentially inspire people to fitness.

The test is pretty straight forward and they explain how to do each exercise well. If anyone is interested in trying it out here is the link: http://www.adultfitnesstest.org/. I would follow their testing guidelines. Do the half crunch the way they describe, not the way we do ab prep in Pilates. If you are a woman, do the push-ups on your knees even if you can do them on the toes. When you submit your data, I suspect they are going to assume you did the exercises the way they described and that is how they will tally the results.

Grab a friend and spend a Saturday morning taking the fitness challenge. It’s another way to learn about your body, and you might even have fun doing it.