It has officially been two weeks since I kicked the shampoo habit. Have you noticed? My hair has definitely been a little greasier, although I think it just appears wet–at least that is what I have been telling myself. It’s been hard getting used to because my mom didn’t raise me to be unclean.

But it’s not unclean. I still rinse it every day and one week in I started to feel so awkward about how greasy it was that I started using a face cloth to help spread the grease. My original goal was to do nothing for one month, try the face cloth for a couple weeks, and then try washing it with baking soda for a couple weeks. Based on everything I’ve read, those the the three options for shampoo-less haircare maintenance. Currently, the face cloth part got bumped up and my goal is to go one month like this and then try baking soda for one week.

I must admit, this weekend I started to feel better about my hair. The grease, which I think the face cloth is spreading, which means it looks less greasy overall, acts like a gel that hold my curls in place. My hair is less frizzy; it feels incredibly soft when it typically feels like yarn. I can actually sort of run my fingers through my hair–something I’ve never been able to do. So, I guess the jury is still out, but so far the experiment is proving interesting.